The main differences

The main differences

Onsite shredding

  • Secure shredding takes place on your premises
  • Documents handled by fewer people
  • Documents are destroyed in mobile shredding trucks
  • Shredding can take place while you watch

Offsite shredding

  • A more cost-effective service
  • Ideal for bulk shredding and large volumes of confidential waste
  • Documents are transported to a secure depot for shredding
  • Involves more handling but is completely secure
  • You receive a certificate of destruction after shredding

What is onsite shredding?

Onsite — or mobile — shredding involves a special truck containing an industrial shredder arriving at your business and your confidential documents being destroyed there and then, before being taken away for recycling.

We can supply our onsite shredding customers with secure containers in which to collect your waste paper and keep it safe.

  • For ad-hoc collections we provide security sacks and ties, lockable wheelie bins or secure skips, depending on the volume of confidential waste you need to dispose of.
  • For regular, scheduled collections, we can provide a range of lockable containers depending on your requirements.

What are the advantages?

  • The main advantage of having your documents shredded on-site is peace of mind; you can be sure that the confidential waste is destroyed before being transported off the premises. The paper can even be shredded while you watch if you wish.
  • There’s less handling involved than with offsite shredding, where your documents are removed and securely transported to our depot for destruction. Onsite shredding is performed by our trained, security-screened service operative at your facility.
  • Your business will experience minimal disruption, since our mobile shredding trucks have capacity to destroy around three tonnes of paper per hour.
  • It’s completely secure. Our service operatives are BS7858 security-screened and CBS-checked and will present ID on arrival. They’ll then empty your secure containers of confidential waste and shred it there and then — while you watch, if you wish.

What is offsite shredding?

Offsite shredding involves transporting your confidential waste paper to our secure depot, where it’s destroyed by our industrial shredder. This service is ideal for large-volume collections, whether regular or one-off when preparing for an office move, for example.

As with our onsite shredding service, we provide a range of secure containers in which you can collect all your confidential waste paper before we take it away for disposal. 

What are the advantages?

  • It’s economical. Onsite shredding tends to be more expensive due to the cost of running our mobile shredding vehicles and of employing staff who are trained to perform the shredding service on your premises. And the service is particularly cost-effective if you have a large volume of waste paper to be destroyed. See our costs for further details.
  • It’s efficient – your confidential waste is shredded within 24 hours of transportation to our depot and our industrial shredder, with a capacity of around seven tonnes of paper per hour, will destroy it very quickly.
  • The vehicles in which we transport your documents — which include transit vans, skips and articulated lorries — are fully tracked and operated by trained, security-screened staff, meaning you can be sure your waste paper is safe right to the point of destruction.
  • Our depot is protected by code-locked doors and CCTV cameras, meaning your confidential documents remain safe at all times while in our possession.

For further information, see our guide to paper shredding services.

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