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Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding during this strange and difficult time. We hope that all our customers, colleagues and their families have managed to stay safe and well. We now have a limited number of operatives and vehicles back making collections for our customers that have remained operational and generating confidential waste.

To work efficiently and accommodate everyone, we will require all of our customers to book their collections during May (even those on scheduled collections) as our usual routes are being consolidated on a weekly basis.

If you require a collection in May, please email info@russellrichardson.co.uk providing the following details:

Customer Name:

Collection address:

Contact name and phone number:

Quantity of confidential waste for collection:

A member of the Russell Richardson team will then reply with a collection date and details. 

To protect our customers and operatives, we have made the below changes to our usual collection procedures.

All our collections during May will be for offsite shredding with the confidential waste shredded the same day when it arrives back at our secure facility. In order to mitigate any risk for the operatives and the customers, we are asking that customers work with us and bring the confidential waste, securely bagged, to the door or an accessible area so there is minimum contact. For cabinets, our operatives will bring spare replacement sacks. If you would like our operative to call on arrival and wait for you to bring the confidential waste out, this is not a problem but we will need to ensure that we have an up to date contact number for the day.

Please let us know if you require any additional security sacks prior to collection.

Further protective measures for operatives and customers:

We've made sure that all our drivers all have sanitizer wipes and hand gel so they can continually ensure they're able to keep their vehicles clean and sanitized. 

All our drivers will be carrying disposable gloves and using these when making collections. 

Our operatives will no longer be handing PDA's to customers to obtain signatures as proof of collection. Until further notice, they will ask for a surname and enter this for you, signing CV 19 in the signature area on your behalf. 

Our operatives are aware that many of you will have put in place your own precautions. All our operatives will be fully compliant in helping you to mitigate any risk by complying to any reasonable requests.

We can arrange for a call to your office on arrival. Please ensure that we have the correct contact details for the collection date

Once again, thank you to all our customers, colleagues and suppliers for your understanding and patience as we all navigate through this difficult period.

Jonathan, Natalie, Lyndsay & Emma

Directors, Russell Richardson & Sons Ltd.