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Media and Data Destruction

Items such as hard drives, tapes, CD’s, memory sticks and mobile phones can be destroyed by our industrial shredders as described earlier. However, we are often asked to collect and destroy more bulky items such as PC towers, servers and monitors amongst other electronic equipment.

Monitors should always be treated as hazardous waste and we can help you with the correct paperwork and consignment notes as required by the Environment Agency.

We always advise customers to have their hard drives shredded rather than recycled ( did you know there is enough data on a 1TB hard drive to fill 200 articulated lorries with paper?). PC’s and servers can be checked for suitability for re-use or have the components removed and recycled. See our WEEE and IT recycling page.

Other office items should be disposed of carefully with a strong eye on security. Not many people are aware that office copiers have a built in hard drive that remembers everything it has copied!

If you need to dispose of anything of this nature please contact us for advice first.


Other services include:

On Site Secure Shredding